Rumor: Fortnite bringing in a desert theme for Chapter 3, Season 3

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Fortnite may be going to the desert for Chapter 3, Season 3

A new rumor has Fortnite really changing things up again on the island. That poor, poor island. The island is about to undergo a cataclysmic change as a result of the Chapter 3, Season 3 live event. While we won’t go into spoilers here, the latest rumor is that due to the end of the live event, the island gets turned into a sprawling desert with little water left on the island.

If that’s the case, you can fully expect them to dive into the Obi-Wan Kenobi of it all for some parts of the island. Darth Vader is joining the lineup this season, and there are talks of the Stormtroopers being involved as well, so it only makes sense that the new desert map would keep a Star Wars theme, considering Obi-Wan is currently streaming.

According to rumors, the new season is going to be dubbed “Drought”, and instead of a purple storm, a new red heatwave will be the reason why the island’s in-game arena gets shrunk down.

Fortnite’s new desert theme would confirm the end of a long-standing POI

If the rumor of the new desert theme is true, and they do in fact bring in a point of interest from the new Star Wars series, Obi-Wan, then you better believe that the Daily Bugle will be taken out of commission as well.

The building is found in a volcano that many believe is going to erupt sometime soon; many believe that it would’ve happened to start Chapter 3, Season 3, but it didn’t happen. With the season-ending live event, all but confirming to turn the island into a desert, destroying the Daily Bugle makes sense.

And there is good reason to believe the Drought theme is accurate.

The same person who leaked the Drought concept also apparently leaked information on a new character that may end up being Snap. The character was revealed in another round of leaks. That character was revealed weeks before we saw any unofficial artwork for the character.

So there’s some legitimacy to this.

Plus, one of the major rivers have already dried up due to the doomsday machine, why wouldn’t the rest of the island lose its water should something go wrong during the live event?

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