Gen Hoshino to get his own Fortnite Soundwave Series

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Gen Hoshino is next in line for Fortnite’s Soundwave Series.

Being an international brand means you have to cater to non-English speaking fans fairly regularly. You don’t want fans feeling like they’re only an ancillary part of the fandom. So despite bringing in names like Ariana Grande for virtual concerts, Fortnite knew they needed a less American-focused approach to these events too.

Enter the Soundwave Series, a series that features stars from around the world performing their music to the entire Fortnite community. Brazilian rapper Emicida, Japanese pop star and producer Gen Hoshino, and French-Malian singer Aya Nakamura were all announced to be part of the Soundwave Series in 2021, according to, and would become the third, fourth and fifth performers of the series.

The first two were Mohamed Hamaki and Tones & I.

Gen Hoshino will debut his event on June 9, at 8 pm ET. You’ll have 72 hours to view the event.If you watch the event, you’ll get a new spray called ‘Soundwave Series- Gen Hoshino’.

Who is Fortnite’s new Soundway Series star, Gen Hoshino?

Gen Hoshino is a 41-year-old Japanese musician and actor, who is an icon in the Japanese entertainment industry. Not only is he wildly famous and talented but he’s very known for his bountiful awards in both acting and music.

He’s also an accomplished voice actor, which shouldn’t be surprising, as many voice actors are also very accomplished singers, due to the difficulty a voice talent has in finding and doing voices for animated projects.

Having been nominated for 60 awards in his career, Hoshino has won 51 of them. Most pertaining to music but several for his acting performances as well. Hoshino is among the more popular names in Japanese media and his arrival with Fortnite will only help Epic Games and Fortnite find more footing in the Japanese market.

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