Watch: Top5Gaming’s helps players get ready for the Season 2 Live Event, while relieving the best moments from the season

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Top5Gaming breaks down everything we know about Fortnite’s Season 2 Live Event

Fortnite is nearing its Chapter 3, Season 2 live event, and with that the end of one of the more interesting seasons of Fortnite yet. The game is preparing for an event called Collision, which will feature the Mecha Team Leader taking on the Imagined Order in an attempt to stop the bad guys’ new doomsday weapon.

But what else is going on that you need to know?

Well, Top5Gaming released a video a few days ago that should help you get caught up as they break down when the live event is, what’s going on with the new suits that players will be wearing during the event, freebies if you show up to play the event, and maybe even the demise of a main character from the Imagined Order.

While news about the live event is ever-changing this is a pretty good idea of what you can expect from the live event on June 4.

Top5Gaming also breaks down the biggest moments from Chapter 3, Season 2

If that wasn’t enough, Top5Gaming also released a great video where they look at some of the more wild moments from the most recent season of the world of Fortnite.

In the video, you can see what happens when everyone uses a bunch of airstrikes, and honestly, it’s not that impressive. Yet, some of the trick shots are. Like the sniper shots from the bus and the sniping from using the balloons.

I’m someone who loves using the balloons, and to see someone use near pinpoint accuracy to eliminate a handful of players while using the balloons is among the best thing I’ve seen from this season. Though, kudos go out to the warthog for his helpful save.

The best though, hands down, was the player who got knocked into the storm, took his time, and eliminated the last player standing to win the match before the storm could take him.

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