The Choppas have been an utter disappointment for single players in Fortnite

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The Choppas haven’t lived up to expectations for this Fortnite player.

When the world of Fortnite announced that it was bringing back its helicopters, referred to as Choppas, I for one was very excited. As a new player, I never got to play with the vehicle beforehand. Having joined at the end of Chapter 2, so much of the game was new to me.

So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that a helicopter was coming back to the game for me to play with. I was extremely excited until I actually got my hands on one. Not only was the vehicle not really that effective for single-player modes, but it offered no offensive output whatsoever.

If you were in one, you were helpless. Sure, they could traverse the terrain pretty fast, but so could a car or even hopping along with the balloons. I’m sure the Choppas have value when you have three or four players that you’re transferring but in a single-player mode, they’re absolute muck.

Two of the biggest reasons the Choppas are a disappointment in Fortnite

1. The Choppas have no offensive capabilities.

If you’re flying around the map, you’re a sitting target. Sure, the addition of the homing rockets really nerfed things like the tang, but at least the tank has a boast, and two different sets of weapons to fight back. The Choppa has nothing.

2. The Choppas don’t even do significant damage on their own.

You’re going to have a bad day if you get hit with a helicopter blade in real life. A Choppa blade? I think it deals out 10 damage. So what’s even the point? I went head to head with one with a ranger shotgun and some balloons and won. You should not take less damage from a Choppas blade than you do getting hit by a car.

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