Fortnite should keep the recon scanner and balloons long-term

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Fortnite should keep the recon scanner and balloons long-term.

Fortnite has a lot of accessories and weapons that come in and out of the game. Recently, the developers added the balloons back to the game and they’ve been a welcomed item to use. They make traversing the landscape so much quicker and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used them to great effect when it comes to eliminating people.

The recon scanner came back recently with the rail gun, as part of a week-long event. The rail gun was fine, though the laser that pops up as your gun is loading is a dead giveaway for what’s coming, making the gun relatively useless unless you catch someone by surprise.

The recon scanner, however, pops up enemies, treasures, and other things when deployed. Not only is it great to see who’s coming but you can also save time by seeing which chests and ammo containers are already opened before wasting your time.

Fortnite should really consider keeping these items around full-time.

Fortnite should keep the balloons and recon scanner as part of the game’s long-term item list.

Since I started playing, the game has kept a lot of terrible items, like the mini shield potions, the bandage wraps, the regular grenades, and the pistols. Most of these items are just useless, and it makes no sense why Fortnite keeps shoving them at us.

Yet, the balloons and recon scanners are in danger of being taken away whenever they’re introduced. It’s one thing to nerf something like the rail gun, or the shield bubble, but to get rid of items that actively make the game more engaging? That’s hard to fathom.

Hopefully, Fortnite does the right thing and brings back the recon scanners for Chapter 3, Season 3, and doesn’t do something foolish like remove the balloons for the next season of the game.

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