Fortnite’s Chapter 3, Season 2 finale has an event name: Collision

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The Fortnite Chapter 3, Season two live event has a name; Collision.

Fortnite is going to have a massive event in a handful of days and we finally know what it’s called; Collision. The event will see the return of the Mecha Team Leader robot and will be piloted by five different characters. The Paradigm, aka Singularity, is back as the robot’s primary pilot, but she’ll be joined by four other characters; the Mecha Weapons Team

All of whom you can purchase in the store after the event.

This is an event fans won’t want to miss. The developers are going to let players actually pilot their own Mecha Team Leader, along with three other friends. If you’re a solo player, you can still participate, as the game will pair you with others who don’t have an active party.

The catch is that the game is rolling out Collision as a one-time-only, in-game event. The game will launch collision at 4 PM ET on June 4, and fans are being encouraged to record the footage, as there will be no replay of the event.

I don’t think that means if you don’t log on by 4 PM ET, you can’t play the event, it just means that once you play it, you won’t get another shot.

The Collision event will feature some freebies

If you were hoping for some free goodies with the end of Chapter 3, Season 2, you’re in luck as you will in fact have a chance to get some freebie goodness. While the Mecha Weapons Team Outfits won’t be free and will be going on sale after the event, if you log into the game starting at 8 AM ET on the day of, you’ll get an exclusive loading screen and lobby track to go along with your epic, island-saving battle. So not only can you save the day, but you get some rare swag to go along with your heroic mission.

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