New bundle reveals what will be involved in the Fortnite season 2 finale

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Fortnite’s Chapter 3, Season 2 finale is almost here and it’s gonna be mech-tastic.

For the last few weeks, Fortnite fans have been excited about the arrival of one of the most unique live event characters of all time, Mecha Team Leader. The giant teddy bear mech that battled the great monster in Season 1. The mech was heavily damaged and we now know was taken back to The Seven’s hideout on the moon for repairs.

The monster? His remains can be found on the island, and you can even find loot in what appears to be his skull from time to time. Well, it looks like the Mecha Team Leader mech is in fact coming back to Fortnite from what we can gather from the in-game menu. The menu shows the mech slowly being put back together while the players wait in the lobby for their games to start.

Well, we have even more confirmation that Mecha Team Leader will be heavily involved in the season 2 finale, as Fortnite is releasing a new bundle based on that iconic robot.

Mecha Team suits up for Fortnite

To say Mecha Team Leader is nothing more than Voltron rip-off with teddy bears would be an understatement. Now, Fortnite is bringing in its own version of Voltron’s pilots to team up with the Mecha Team Leader pilot, The Paradigm, aka Singularity.

The end-of-season event and the skins are not mutually exclusive to one another. These suits clearly are meant to match The Paradigm’s stint as Singularity. The outfits will include two male and two female designs and will carry on the idea of the cuddly stuffed animal vibe that the Mecha Team Leader robot carries, and it’s very possible we see them become part of the game’s lore.

The price of these items hasn’t been revealed yet.

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