Who are all the members of The Seven in Fortnite?

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The Seven are the heroes of Fortnite but who are they exactly?

The Seven are supposed to be the heroes of Fortnite, with each member seemingly part of a different universe and having joined the group for their own means. While there are seven key figures in the group, that doesn’t mean that is all they are.

During the events of Chapter 3, Season 2, fans have seen the Seven recruits in action, engaging in various battles across the Fortnite map against the Imagined Order’s Huntmaster Saber and his men. Those recruits proved to be pretty resilient, helping drive the Imagined Order off various points of the map and to just one location, Loot Lake.

The Seven are winning this war, for now, but it’s looking like it’s coming to an end. So just in case, we have to say goodbye to the members of The Seven soon, let’s take a look at who exactly is who.

Who are the Members of The Seven?

The Foundation

The Foundation is the leader of the Seven and is the largest of the Seven. He’s famously played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the character shares his likeness. The Foundation is often short-tempered, arrogant, and ruthless, but does have a heroic side of himself, showing up at the end of Chapter 2 to save Agent Jones.

The Visitor

The first member of the Seven to land on the Island, The Visitor was the featured character of the Blast Off event in chapter 1, Season 4. The Visitor returned at the end of Chapter 2 to help the survivors during their battle with the Last Reality.

The Scientist

Arriving during the events of Season X, he creates rift beacons around the map and eventually starts building his own rocket, just like The Visitor did. This was done to save The Bridge during The End live event. In later joins The Visitor to help the players, Foundation, and Agent Jones at the end of chapter two.

The Paradigm

Also known as Singularity, The Paradigm was the Mecha Team Leader pilot, who battled the monster at the end of Chapter 1, Season 9, aka The Final Showdown. She fought the large monster the Devourer before disappearing. She later returned in Chapter 3 as a member of The Seven, though most of the Seven don’t trust her.

The Origin

The commander of the group, he was once the Cube King of the Last Reality but had a change of heart. He was later captured by the Imagined Order and saved by The Seven.

The Imagined

One of the daughters of Geno, the leader of the Imagined Order. The Imagined has no memory of her past and is the sister of The Order.

The Order

Even less is known about The Order, other than she’s the sister of The Imagined and another daughter of Geno.

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