Fortnite reveals Fortnitemares Concept Royale winners

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Fortnite reveals the winning designs of their Fortnitemares Concept Royale competition

Fortnite asked fans to submit their character designs several months ago. The announcement that the competition was coming back came a few months ago and fans had until early April to submit their designs.

Fans had to submit their designs on social media and had to follow three criteria.

  1. Unique Use of Theme
  2. Fun Factor
  3. Overall Visuals

The idea is to release these characters in time for the spookiest season of the year, Halloween. So the character designs had to be in the same vein.

Well, the two winners were selected, with one being from Twitter user @kitsunexkitsu and the other coming from @Dreowings.

The designs are fine but last year’s selections have the edge

The first design, created by @Dreowings, is fine. It’s a caped character with a hand for the head. It has a single reddish/orangish eye in the center. It’s a bit offputting but it’s mostly just meh. It’s called Glare and comes with the All Seeing Scythe pickax.

The other is a fallen angel concept, designed by @kitsunexkitsu. It’s a dark clothing design and a washed-out grey skin. The design isn’t wholly interesting, also rocking a scythe, and comes with a pair of wings. The character is probably inspired by Square Enix games like Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts.

They’re fine, but the ones created last year were better. At least one in particular.

Last year the concept involved a frozen concept, which was going to pair with the Chapter 3 release pretty well. They had two, one called Naila, who was some fairy frost warrior concept and looked pretty good. It’s not for me but it’s well designed and has a unique look.

The other, that screams perfection is the Frigid Forgoer, a cowboy skeleton that would fit well in any Christmas or Halloween set of characters.

The new designs are fine but they aren’t on the level of last year’s winners.

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