The new Browse menu for Fortnite is long overdue

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Fans of Fortnite will notice a new Browse option for fans.

Fans of Fortnite are long familiar with the less than an effective menu for fans to check out. Instead of a comprehensively designed way to look for new game modes to play, the games are just listed in sections, that you have to scroll through.

It’s very easy to miss the game mode you want, with the text often being obstructed by the images. It’s also a slow process at times, with game modes needing the image to pop up before you truly knew what the game mode was.

It’s not a terrible menu system, but it’s not the most opportune either. That’s all changed, however, with the newest and latest update to Fortnite. The folks at Epic Games have done the unthinkable and put in a new Browse option.

Fortnite’s newest option may be the best addition to the game in years

Fortnite has made some pretty amazing updates this year. The overshield, Zero Build mode, the sprint mechanic, and now the Browse menu? It’s a good time to be a fan of Fortnite. The new Browse menu will allow fans of the game to find the game mode they want to play with a far quicker interface than they’re used to.

It’s a simple blue layout, that has a Featured and All Categories menu, with the most popular menus at the top of the screen and all the categories below.

The menu has even listed some new activities that I never knew about, like Fashion, Roleplay, and Mystery.

This might be the best change to Fortnite in the last calendar year, and remember, we got Zero Build and the sprint mechanic this year alone. So this should tell you how long overdue this feature was to the game.

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