I can’t wait for the Choppa to return to Fortnite this season

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The Choppa is returning to Fortnite and I can’t wait.

I’ve only been playing Fortnite since about last October or so. So about sevenish months as of press time. The game is wildly fun and very enjoyable. The various game modes are fun to explore and it’s a great day-breaker, by giving me a 20-ish minute break in between assignments. Being able to hop into and out of a game without having to go through a massive windfall of text and searching makes this a very smooth experience.

A modern game could take 20-plus minutes just to get to the mission. What may have been a quick break turns into a nearly two-hour campaign. That’s no way to unwind while you work. Needless to say, this is my longwinded way of saying I missed out on a lot of things in early Fortnite.

The one thing I missed out on, that is returning soon, are the helicopters, aka Choppas. They’re set to return to the game very soon, and funding stations have already been erected so you can get the vehicles sooner.

Fortnite is bringing back Choppas

The game has a wide array of vehicles, like tanks, buses, cars, trucks, semis, and more. Yet, the closest thing I’ve gotten to an airborne vehicle since playing the game is boosting a quad at the right point of a hill or incline.

I’ve hit a 1,000,000 points riding a tornado, but it’s just not the same thing as flying. To quote Toy Story, it’s more “falling with style”.

Now, however, I’ll get to use a Choppa for the first time and I’m very geeked. I had a lot of fun using the tanks, but I ended up getting too reliant on them, and that didn’t exactly help me out long-term as a player. I hope that doesn’t happen with the Choppa, but even if it does, so what? They’re going to be so much fun.

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