3 POI ideas Fortnite should consider for a Resident Evil crossover

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Fortnite has huge potential with a Residental Evil crossover.

Earlier in Chapter 3, Season 2, Fortnite brought back the Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine game skins. Redfield had his designs from Resident Evil I and Resident Evil VIII, while Jill Valentine had her Resident Evil I and Resident Evil III Remake designs.

They’re both great outfits, and it was great to see Fortnite bring them back. Originally they debuted this past October as part of the Halloween festivities within the game. They were met with great fanfare because, duh, it’s Chris and Jill. Two of the most popular gaming characters in all of the medium.

Yet, just adding new skins and bringing them into the game isn’t enough. This franchise, these characters, have so much more to offer the game and we have three ideas for bringing the world of Resident Evil into the game.

They all revolve around one idea; make the map Racoon City adjacent.

The Spencer Mansion

We need to chase and eliminate players in the halls of Spencer Mansion. If Fortnite is willing to give us Lara Croft’s manner to go exploring in, give us the Spencer estate so we can go shooting our way through. We don’t even need zombies, but some zombie skins would be great.

The Racoon City Police Department

If we’re going to be shooting our way through anything, the Racoon Police Department from Resident Evil II Remake would be the perfect place to hold our matches in. Imagine breaking down the front door and running around hacking our way through walls like we were Mr. X? How much fun would that be.

Resident Evil II & III’s Underground Lab

And if that wasn’t enough, how about instead of a cave under a mountain, we have an underground facility under Tilted Towers. Imagine the surprise on a fan’s face when they open up the ground and fall straight into an Umbrella laboratory by accident. Priceless.

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