3 ways to make Fortnite: Save the World a better game play experience

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Fortnite: Save the World needs some serious overhaul.

We talked recently about how Fortnite: Save the World was a bit of a mess. The game plops you down and basically gives you the same half-dozen or so mission types to do. You build, you defend, you destroy, you save, you repeat. It’s the same issue that plagued Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

You promise me this robust world to play in but then I’m stuck in the middle of the desert, replaying the same half-dozen mission types. It’s one of the big reasons the game was so maligned by long-time fans.

Fortnite: Save the World has the same issues. It’s the same slog to get through. It’s fun for the first few hours but then what? That’s why the game needs to change.

Three things Fortnite can do to improve Save The World

Update the map to the one used in online

The game is different, as you drop into locations that are vaguely the same as one another, and work your way through the situation. If you’re used to playing the single-player mode or the battle royale mode, you won’t see much familiarity between the two. That separation is probably hurting the cross-promotion. Syncing up the maps will help fix that.

Create different missions

Having a bunch of side quests isn’t the answer? You need to build a narrative that is ever-expanding and brings in elements from the Battle Royale mode. There are little missions you can do in the Battle Royale mode that most don’t do, so why not make those the purpose of the single-player version?

Expand the mainline story through the single-player mode

You’d have to be a genius to know all the hidden secrets of the game just by playing Fortnite’s multiplayer mode. The game does not do a good job explaining the overall narrative to players unless they’re reading or watching exterior elements. If you need YouTube channels from independent content creators to help explains the narrative, then you really aren’t doing a good job expressing it. Keeping it centralized, or predominantly in the single-player mode gives players the chance to experience the game mode, on their own time, and without fear of having it interrupted by a trigger-happy looper.

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