What is the rarest pickax in Fortnite as of Chapter 3, Season 2?

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Fans are used to rarity in Fortnite but what’s the rarest pickax?

Fans of Fortnite are used to not getting their hands on unique items, yet the idea of not getting their hands on a pickax is rather wild, don’t you think? Why would a pickax be so hard to get? Well, that seems to be the case, and not only is there one that is rarest of them all, but the gold folks at Fortnite News ranked the 10 rarest pickax’s in all of the game.

Now, according to Fortnite News, the rarest pickax is the Drumbeat pickax, which was last seen 1,316 days ago. That means that the Drumbeat pickax was last seen nearly four years ago in 2019.

There’s no reason for that to be the case, as it’s just a pickax, but yet, here we are. Fortnite News list the Turbine, Tooth Pick, and Armature pickax as the second third, and fourth rarest.

The 10 rarest pickax’s in Fortnite right now according to Fortnite News;

  1. Drumbeat – Last available 1,316 days ago
  2. Turbine – Last available 1,216 days ago
  3. Tooth Pick – Last available 1,167 days ago
  4. Armature – Last available 1,139 days ago
  5. Empire Axe – Last available 1,137 days ago
  6. Flimsie Flail – Last available 1,135 days ago
  7. A.X.E. – Last available 1,134 days ago
  8. Angular Axe – Last available 1,134 days ago
  9. Bottom Feeder – Last available 1,107 days ago
  10. Moonbone – Last available 1,106 days ago

Fortnite should make some of these more available

While there’s good reason to make these items rare and unlivable, the fact is fans would like to get their hands on them. So why not set up a unique way to hand out these items? Like making someone win a Battle Royale to get their hands on one of the items.

Maybe you can have your pick of the item should you win, and make it one of these pickaxes. That way fans can have an opportunity to get these items while keeping the exclusivity going. It’s the best possible outcome to re-introduce these rare items.

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