What are Exotic Weapons in Fortnite? How to complete C3S2 Quest

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If you’re going through the second week of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 quests, you’ll need to damage opponents with an Exotic Weapon. What is an Exotic Weapon, and how do you find one? Here’s everything you need to know.

Exotic is a weapon rarity that you can’t find in normal loot. They can only be obtained by purchasing them from NPCs for Bars. The rarity color is light blue.

What are Exotic Weapons in Fortnite?

Mechanically, Exotic Weapons are unique. They feature unusual effects, or are variants of otherwise Vaulted weapons.

You’ll need to seek out the NPCs who sell them to get your hands on an Exotic Weapon.

Marksman Six Shooter- Cuddle Team Leader at Camp Cuddle

This Revolver variant shoots faster during hipfire. If you can fan the hammer and land all six shots, it’s a stylish way to take close-range fights. It also features a high headshot damage modifier, making it useful at longer range as well.

Shadow Tracker- Cuddlepool at Camp Cuddle

A Pistol equipped with a suppressor. Enemies hit by the Shadow Tracker will be marked, as if they were affected by a Flare Gun.

The Dub- Mullet Marauder at The Joneses

A double-barrel Shotgun that launches you and the enemy back. It’s my personal favorite Exotic, as it confuses the heck out of your opponents.

Boom Sniper Rifle- Peely at The Daily Bugle

A Sniper that fires Clingers. The shots themselves don’t do much damage, but the Clinger will stick and explode after a while. It can also stick Clingers on structures and the ground.

Night Hawk- The Origin at Sanctuary

A thermal scoped Revolver. It’s helpful for spotting enemies hiding in cover.

Storm Scout- The Foundation at Sanctuary

A Sniper that predicts where the next Storm circle will form, helping you maneuver.

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The easiest way to get one quickly is to land where the NPC hangs out at the above locations. If you’re quick, you’ll be off to a great start and could easily rack up the 150 damage needed to complete the Quest when everyone is early game looting.

Exotic Weapons still cost Bars, however, so make sure you’re spending them right. I recommend getting either Sniper, as they both have impressive abilities and utility as a weapon.