Fortnite: What does Weapon Rarity mean? How to mark weapons of different rarity in Fortnite

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Fortnite uses a rarity system to determine how powerful a weapon is. Weapons come in a variety of rarities, denoted by their color. It’s good to get a refresher on weapon rarities in Chapter 2 Season 6, since you’ll have to know how to mark weapons of different rarity in Fortnite in order to complete a quest. In addition, crafting makes the rarity of your weapons even more relevant than before. Let’s take a look at all of the weapon rarities currently available in Fortnite.

Marking all of the different rarities might be confusing, especially if you haven’t played recent seasons. In Chapter 2 Season 6, there are seven rarities a weapon can be.


Common weapons are gray and the weakest. They’re also, as their name implies, the most common. You’ll typically find them on the floor. They’re primarily used in the early game because they’re there, not because they’re good.


These are green, and have a little more respectability than common weapons. It’s worthwhile to upgrade or craft from these in the early game.


Rare weapons are the standard, and you should be striving to get these blue ones. They have good damage output, and some weapons are only available as rare like the Primal and Mechanical Bows. In Chapter 2 Season 6, Makeshift Weapons only go up to Rare.


Purple epic weapons are hard to find in chests, but if you’re lucky you’ll be able to pull them. You can usually find epic weapons in supply drops. NPCs can drop these when defeated, like the Spire Guardians or challenge NPCs. Usually, players who make it to the end game will have a ton of epic weapons on them.


These weapons are the most powerful you could reasonably find in an average game. They’re orange, and the easiest way to get them is to upgrade an epic weapon. You could find them in chests, but they’re rare.


Gold mythic weapons are usually wielded by NPC bosses, like Raz at The Spire. They’re even stronger than their legendary variants, but are harder to find. There are only a few Mythic weapons in the game at any given season, and only one of each per match. If you can best the boss, you’ll be off with an enormous advantage.


Exotics can only be purchased from specific NPCs for bars. They’re light blue, and the NPC stocks as many as players can afford. Their damage is comparable to similar weapons at epic rarity. The exotic part about them is the weird effects they can have. Typically, Exotic weapons are versions of vaulted weapons that otherwise aren’t available in the season.

How to mark weapons of different rarity in Fortnite

This part is really easy. All you need is to mark one weapon of each of the seven rarities to complete the quest. To mark, move your crosshairs over the weapon and press your Ping button. On PC, this is defaulted to the middle mouse button. On controller, it’s left on the D-Pad. If the weapon is already in your inventory, just drop it and mark. The hardest part about this quest is marking the rarer weapons, so keep your eye out in the last circles for opportunities to mark weapons.

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