Fortnite raises the bar in their quest to donate money to Ukraine

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Fortnite and Epic Games have raised a lot of money for Ukraine.

We’ve talked before about how Fortnite and Epic Games were stepping up in a big way for Ukraine at the start of the Chapter 3, Season 2 launch. The new season features a war setting between The Imagined Order and The Seven. Considering how deep the game went in re-creating what a warn-torn region looks like, it’s safe to say that some people were going to take issue with the new setting, especially after Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

Well, the folks at Epic Games and Fortnite opted to start a donation to the Ukrainian relief efforts. All proceeds and profits from in-game purchases would go to the effort to help the war-torn region, and they’ve done just that. The game company was able to raise $70 million as of March 25, 2022. Well, now on March 30, we now know that Fortnite and Epic Games have raised $100 million.

Fortnite and Epic Games were already the country’s biggest donors but this is just next level.

Fortnite and Epic Games aren’t done yet

There’s a very real chance that Fortnite and Epic Games is able to donate $150 million, if not more, to the humanitarian relief effort in Ukraine. Right now the gaming giant has been donating all money raised from the start of Season 2, and since March 20, the group had raised $70 million in five days and $100 million in nine days.

There are still four days left, with April 3 being the end of the donation time period. At the current rate, it’s going, the idea that the game gets to $150 million or more is a very real one indeed and would be a wonderful thing for them to do.

It would be even better if Fortnite kept the donations going, even if they drop how much they’re donating. If they can donate just 10% or so throughout the remainder of their season, that would be a wonderful gesture.

Especially considering the game is basically profiting off the idea of war for this season.

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