Fortnite has introduced the Anvil Rocket Launcher and it’s broken the game

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Fortnite has introduced the Anvil Rocket Launcher and it’s broken the game.

Users of Fortnite may have noticed a brand new weapon has joined the game, the Anvil Rocket Launcher. The new weapon is designed specifically to destroy vehicles, or more specifically; bust tanks. The new rocket launcher is compatible to destroy any and all vehicles in the game, but it’s most effective against the tank.

The rocket launcher has now made the tank nearly useless. Not only does the rocket launcher do more damage than the tank’s cannon, but the fact it can be used from a long-range makes it nearly impossible to find the person firing.

Not only that, but the rocket launcher fires a homing missile at the opposing player, meaning that unless you’re able to get inside of a building, under a tree, or under an overpass, the rocket is going to hit you.

This weapon has made it so the tank is nothing more than a less portable rocket launcher.

The rocket launcher has made the tank far from overpowered and that’s bad

Undoubtedly there are going to be many players who are happy to have this weapon to equal the power of the tank, as some have complained the tank is overpowered. That’s the thing though, it’s supposed to be overpowered. It’s a dang tank.

The tank is not too dissimilar to some of the enemies in Fortnite, more recently the Caretaker enemy. It was not a creature that players were supposed to fight alone. Teaming up was the key to beating it. Unless you got one of those awesome battle mechs and fought him yourself.

The tank is no different, it’s supposed to be something you tackle with players. Bringing in a weapon that does nearly as much damage to it as another tank shooting at it does, is overkill and renders the tank useless.

Why bother with having a tank if it’s not going to be overpowered and nearly unstoppable?

This was a shortsighted addition.

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