Watch: Top5Gaming’s 31 Fortnite SEASON 2 Myths BUSTED!

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Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 has a lot of myths but Top5Gaming is on the case.

We haven’t covered a lot of Fortnite content creators and admittedly due to the fact I’m fairly new to the genre. Though as part of this assignment I’ve been diving further into the videos that the game has helped generate. One of the more impressive channels so far was Top5Gaming.

They decided to tackle 31 myths that have popped up over the season, ranging from the Klombos to different ways to heal your vehicles and all sorts of stuff in between.

What I love about these is the fact they tackle questions that aren’t really relevant, like if a pepper can make your tactical sprint faster. It does, by the way, and they better bring those back into the game.

Some of these I found out on my own, like being able to refill torches.

Three things I learned from the 30 Myths Busted video

Repair Torch as a weapon

While in theory, this makes sense, I personally hadn’t used it as such yet. Considering that it can burn down buildings and harm opponents, it’s a good idea to maintain a Repair Torch on you at all times. Whether you have a tank or just a regular automobile.

Use bonfires to heal vehicles

I never knew this was a thing in all the months of playing Fortnite. I’ve personally tried this while using a tank and it does work. Though, it doesn’t work much. You’re not going to get more than a few dozen hit points at best. So if your tank has taken a beating, you’re gonna wanna get the Repair Torch instead.

Shoot out of a canon

Yeah, while this wasn’t a myth, I did find out you can shoot out of those canons found in the game. So that’s pretty dope.

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