Disabling the building function in Fortnite may be bringing back fans

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Fortnite’s disabling building may actually be helping the game.

It sure doesn’t seem like it but the disabling of Fortnite’s key mechanic, building, may be bringing fans back to the game who have previously fallen off. This isn’t something with a lot of proof to it, granted, but there does seem to be an overwhelming interest based on the eye test alone.

The game required nearly an hour of wait time when season two launched, games are loading up faster than before, at least on Switch, and now there appears to be overwhelming support for the lack-of-the-mechanic.

More on that later.

One major name, Chica, has also seen this and pointed out that it appears that a lot of gamers are coming back to Fornite to experience the new overshield, climbing, and sprinting mechanics. Three mechanics that are gaining near-universal approval.

The building mechanic will return on or around March 30 according to Sportskeeda, but there doesn’t appear to be much desire to see it come back, at least in the immediacy.

No Build Battle Royale may become a permanent function

There appears to be some scuttlebutt that the idea of no-building may remain in the game permanently to some degree. While it won’t replace the game’s core mechanics permanently, there appears to be a new battle royale mode that is in development, that will take away the building mechanic.

One user was able to find out that around March 30, when the mechanic is set to return, that there is a new mode that is specific for players who are tired of the crafting mechanic that has made the game famous.

The new gameplay controls that have come out of this have really infused the community as well, with star player Ninja tweeting out about how much fun he’s been having without the need to constantly build all sorts of things.

Only time will tell how this decision will look in the long-term but in the short-term, it’s been a hit.

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