The new tank in Fortnite is heads and shoulders above any other vehicle yet

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Fortnite brought in tanks and they’re so much fun

Fortnite Chapter 3,  Season 2 has begun and it’s an all-out war between The Seven and The Imagined Order, complete with hovering warships (complete with cannons), tanks, and a new array of weapons. If you’re just longing for the first time in some time, you may want to get your hands on one of those tanks because they are just choice.

They have well over 2,000 points of damage to give and a clean shot can see an opponent take 120 damage. A shot near the player but that doesn’t land, can range between 30-70 (from what I’ve seen).

The best part, the tank is repairable (as all vehicles should be). So if you get yourself one of the new blowtorches and two gas cans, you can literally go the distance in the tank should you want to try it. I’ve already won two bouts out of three by staying in the tank nearly the entire match.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be taken down. The tank can carry four players, and those three extra slots are on top; which means if they get behind you and on top fo you, they can go to town on you. Your only means of defense is getting out and shooting them off like those weird swamp bats in Empire Strikes Back that lived inside the giant space snake.

Be careful about acquiring the tank

Usually, the tanks are sitting nearby and you can just land and go. Kinda like the B.R.U.T.E.S that closed out season two. Sometimes though, sometimes they’re loaded up with three 10Guards, and are on the prowl.

It’s important to not mess with them when they’re loaded up, as the tank has a cannon and a machine gun port. Plus it has a third gunner sitting rear so if you try to climb on board, sure, the cannon and machine gunner can’t get you but the third guard can.

Keep your head on a swivel.

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