Fortnite: 5 Overshield tips and tricks you need to know for C3S2

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No building? Without Fortnite’s hallmark mechanic, you can no longer turtle and feel safe behind walls of your own creation. Instead, Fortnite’s taken a page out of the Halo book and has introduced the Overshield. Here’s five tips you need to know.

Fortnite: 5 Overshield tips and tricks you need to know for C3S2

The new Overshield mechanic is a constantly regenerating pool of 50 HP. Damage will be first done to the Overshield, and then your normal Shields will start taking a hit. Without either, your health goes down. You’ll start gaining Overshield right when you leap off the Battle Bus.

1- A little more

The Overshield only provides an extra 50 HP. Realistically, this only blocks 2 or 3 shots and less if one hits the head. Don’t come to rely on it to tank an onslaught of bullets.

2- Exit strategy

Think about escape routes when you take encounters. If you have a good way to disengage the fight, you’ll be able to recuperate and restore some of your Overshield. Without building, you won’t be able to make your own cover. Environmental awareness will be more important than ever.

3- Relentless

On the other side, the Overshield mechanic entices you to aggressively attack other players. If you let your quarry go, it’s likely they’ll restore their shields. Like having an exit strategy, out maneuvering your opponents is just good tactical advice.

4- Free refills

Since the Overshield repairs itself slowly, those first couple of hits it sponges up are basically free if you maneuver yourself properly. Take this time to find cover, and be sure you’re watching your corners when you move.

5- Sad sniper

The Overshield looks like it’ll put a damper on the otherwise powerful Sniper. The Hunter Sniper was already on the weaker side, but with the additional 50 health that regenerates it’ll be tougher than ever to land decisive kills at lower Sniper rarities.

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