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What’s new in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2?

Fortnite has just launched Chapter 3, Season 2 on Sunday and it shook everything up (as was the point). The game has done some major changes, getting rid of the building mechanic (temporarily), adding new weapons into the game, most with thermal scopes, and there’s a new thermal scope that is oddly helpful.

The game also included new mechanics into the game as well. There’s a new dash mechanic that you can use for five seconds that will help you get away from the bullet fire. Then there’s a ledge climbing mechanic to help you get out of holes and such, plus there’s an overshield, a rechargeable shield that gives you 50 extra hit points, and then there’s the ability to slide and ram through doors now.

All in all, the new mechanics for the game have been added to help alleviate the issues that have come with disabling the building mechanic for the foreseeable future but hopefully, they stick beyond that.

Here are all the changes to the game according to Fortnite.

"OVERSHIELDBuilding has been wiped out! To help maintain cover, you now have an Overshield on top of your Shield and Health. The Overshield is your first line of defense: before your Shield and Health take a hit, it’s your Overshield that’ll crack. Your Overshield will still recover if it goes all the way down to 0.MOVEMENT UPGRADESSprintingRun at the new, faster default movement speed. A faster default movement speed means a faster sprint too! This sprint is so fast that it’ll mean pocketing whatever you’re holding. Of course, sprinting super fast can’t be maintained forever, so a new sprint meter will tell you how much longer you can move at that pace.MantlingGaining the high ground has always been key to winning a battle. And fortunately, where your feet fail, your hands will now help you out. If a surface is just a little too high for your jump — or a platform just a little too far for your landing — your hands can come into play and pull you up!Shoulder BashingSpeaking of sprinting, sprint at doors to bash them open with your shoulder. It’s probably not very polite, but at least you look cool doing it.(You can also slide into doors to open them now!)BARTS TO TURN THE TIDEBar funding returns! As the Season progresses, you’ll have new opportunities to help direct the Resistance. Chip in Bars towards pro-Resistance devices, as well as use Bars to vote for which items to unvault.Turret DeterminationA different kind of vote is live right now. Instead of an item unvault vote, it’s a Turret device vote! Different pro-Resistance sites need help deciding whether to install a Light Turret or a Heavy Turret. With the former, get the classic Mounted Turret experience. With the slower but beefier latter, do heavy damage to vehicles. The first site that needs help is Sanctuary!Armored Battle BusThere’s another way you can contribute with Bars right away: funding the Armored Battle Bus.The Armored Battle Bus is a Battle Bus that’s… ready for battle. This intimidating metallic machine has just about all the fixins: Chonkers tires, a Cow Catcher for extra ramming power, and a Light and Heavy Turret.It’s not all business with this vehicle, though. If you turn the radio on, it immediately becomes a party bus! Once 100% Funded, find an Armored Battle Bus in Resistance-occupied POIs.RESISTANCE EQUIPMENTNew WeaponsComabt SMGLike the Combat Assault Rifle and Combat Pistol, the Combat SMG packs a heavy punch. Tame its recoil to get the most out of its exceptional power.Striker Burst RifleThe Striker Burst Rifle is a burst-rifle with a customized sight. Strike with this two-shot semi automatic weapon as you aim with the scope!Unvaulted WeaponsThermal Scoped Assault Rifle (Adjusted – semi-auto, fires faster, reduced damage, increased recoil)Drum Shotgun (Adjusted – fires slower, slightly increased damage, tighter spread, better falloff)Revolver (Adjusted – fires faster, reduced damage, higher accuracy)Remote Explosives (Adjusted – increased damage against vehicles)Thermal Scoped Revolver (Exotic weapon)Storm Scout Sniper Rifle (Exotic weapon)Though not a weapon per se, Shockwave Grenades!The Chapter 3 Season 1 ReturnersRanger Assault RifleStriker Pump ShotgunAuto ShotgunSidearm PistolStinger SMGHunter Bolt-Action SniperShadow Tracker (Exotic weapon)Marksman Six Shooter (Exotic weapon)The Dub (Exotic weapon)Boom Sniper Rifle (Exotic weapon)LAND AND SKYPOI POSSESSIONThe Resistance and IO are locked in head-to-head disputes to claim the Island’s POIs. You can tell if a POI is occupied by the IO if you see an IO Blimp overhead, Titans, IO guards, and Siege Cannons, while a POI occupied by the Resistance may feature an Armored Battle Bus, Sentry guards, and Turrets.IO BLIMPSThe IO having a bird’s-eye view of the Island may seem intimidating, but you can still access their blimps from the ground. IO Blimps are attached to the ground via Ziplines, so zip up to an IO Blimp and claim its loot for yourself! How do you get back down? Either use a Zipline, use the draft of a fan to begin gliding, or launch yourself with a Siege Cannon.IO MACHINERYUse the IO’s artillery against them:IO TITAN TANKSWhat’s one way to barrel through obstacles? An IO Titan Tank! But a Titan’s good for more than just strong-arming. Fire the Titan’s cannon while you drive, and if you wanna be even more formidable, have a teammate control its machine gun turret.IO Titan Tanks have a massive amount of Health, but their treads can be destroyed if they take enough damage. If this happens, fix ‘em up by hand or with a Repair Torch! The Titan’s a tough battle-tested machine, so what to do if you’re up against one? Deal enough damage to the engine (located at the rear) to temporarily overheat its systems. This is a prime opportunity to take on the treads!SIEGE CANNONSNeed to get somewhere fast but the path’s too perilous on foot? Get in the seat of a Siege Cannon and launch yourself far forward. (Or launch your teammates first, then yourself.) Mid-air, you’ll be given the option to deploy your Glider, but you won’t take fall damage if you don’t deploy it.You can still have fun with a cannon even if you don’t have travel plans. In addition to using them as a transportation device, keep your opponents at bay by firing projectiles!HAVE A COW CATCHERChonkers Off-Road Tires have been used to make cars offroad since Chapter 2 Season 6, but this fight against the IO calls for more modification. Available now, throw a Cow Catcher on your Joyride vehicle to boost its ramming power! (Blockades and other vehicles beware.) Throw a Cow Catcher and Chonkers on the same vehicle for the ultimate expedition.THE REPAIR TORCH: A HEALING ITEM FOR YOUR VEHICLESWhether your Mudflap’s been subject to explosives, your Motorboat’s been running too long on land, or your Titan’s been targeted at the treads, fix it up with a Repair Torch! Repair Torches restore the Health of vehicles, and if they run out of fuel to ignite? Fill ‘em back up at a gas pump!BALANCE CHANGESImprovement to first shot accuracy mechanics: weapons with first-shot accuracy (such as the Ranger Assault Rifle) will now reach that state more smoothly, resulting in more “near perfect spread accuracy” moments.COMPETITIVE NOTESRemote Explosives and Shockwave Grenades are not included in competitive playlists.Item unvault voting will not take place in competitive playlists.Storm Surge damage intervals have been increased from five seconds to ten seconds."

The new changes add a lot of gameplay variety

The introduction of new weapons is great and all, and I’m loving the tank, but the sprint, overshield, and climbing mechanics are really the most impressive parts of this game update. Hopefully, they stay in the game, like the slide mechanic, past the season.

Also, the repair tool is a much-needed inclusion into the game. You can re-fuel and re-tire your vehicles but you can’t repair them? Well, now you can and that’s awesome. It’s also been a great added bonus to use the tanks, as the repair tool can extend the lifespan of it far beyond any normal vehicle prior.

All in all, I’d say these updates have been a very good addition to the game.

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