Game Tips: There’s one vehicle that can double as an one-hit instant elimination

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Low on ammo and need to run but don’t want to leave the fight? Look for a Mudflap.

Fortnite has a lot of fun things to do, all the way from battling it out in with other players, to fishing, even building things. Another aspect is the ability to drive around the Fortnite island. Yet, did you know that with the right vehicle, you can turn your joyriding into a one-hit, one-elimination machine?

The game is most known for its battle royale concept that the developers built the entire game gaming empire around. So how can you take the Battle Royale concept and incorporate it into joyriding around the island?

Simple, find yourself a Mudflap semi-truck and go see if anyone wants a ride. This may not make sense but with the right automobile in Fortnite, you may never find yourself in need of bullets ever again.

Just gas.

The Mudflap vehicle is a great non-weapon weapon in Fortnite

The Mudflap is the biggest common vehicle in the game, and while it’s not exceptionally fast, it has a high health meter and packs quite the punch, almost literally. If you’re looking for a vehicle to match your fast-paced frantic gameplay skills, the Mudflap is the way to go.

With enough road in front of you, if you were able to lineup an opposing player in your line of sight and run into them, you could deal 100+ in damage on one go. That type of stopping power is useful, especially in the early moments of the game.

If you land near, let’s say Coney Crossroads, there are four Mudflaps at least within a 20-second drive. If you land in one and head over to Coney Crossroads, where a lot of players typically drop in, you could rack up two, three, or even four eliminations within seconds.

It’s harder to use this tip later in the game as opponents are more spread out but it’s a great opening salvo that will really wreck your opponent’s confidence.

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