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What do we know about Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2

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Everything we know about Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 is coming up this weekend. Are you ready? Well, get ready because it’s very likely that this pristine, nice-looking island is about to get messed the heck up. The developers gave us thunderstorms (which I’m not seeing much of anymore) and tornadoes but then added sinkholes.

Sinkholes, people.

This is going to just keep happening too, so expect to see far more going on. So what else is going on heading into Fortnite Chapter 3, Season2?

Well, let’s talk about it, thanks to the leak collecting from Fortnite News.

What is going in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2

Well, the continuation of the Seven vs. The Imagined Order is going on. After all, one of their outposts was destroyed by the sinkhole.

We’re also apparently getting tanks. Those tank-like drills we see in the game are apparently going to be usable during Battle Royale matches. I was all about the giant mech at the end of Chapter 2, so I’m all for destroying things with big vehicles. Especially if they have a stupidly high amount of health.

On top of that, we’re possibly getting a “Clips System”, but it’s not really known what it is. Maybe it’s a highlight system? That doesn’t interest me much, and would rather not deal with that but whatever.

Fans can also expect to get new Mythic Blades, that will feature minor and major attack points of 25 and 65 damage to people, while also introducing a spin attack. So that’s gonna be wild. There’s also going to be a Mythical Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle, which seems redundant. There are not a lot of visibility issues in the game, but I guess it’ll make hiding in the bushes all that much harder.

There are also some minor skins and other minor patches coming but that’s what we know for the most part.

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