Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 has a release date and some interesting info

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Fortnite is about to launch the second season of Chapter 3.

On March 19, the second season of Chapter 3 will begin. At least that’s the word from Fortnite News. The season will end without any type of live event either, not a first for Fortnite but not exactly a norm either. This is according to an update that was found in the v19.40 update code.

There are apparently no large encrypted events in the file like has been found in past updates when seasons or chapters ended. This is only an issue for those playing the Battle Royale mode who actually follows the storyline of the game.

Chapter 2 had two seasons that ended without an advancement in the story, and that was Season’s one and three. There has been no formal announcement regardless.

Chapter 2’s end was anything but worth the hype.

When it comes to the lack of an ending engagement of sorts, not having one isn’t exactly a deal-breaker. The first that I personally played was the end of Chapter 2, with the final battle from the Convergence event. While it was theatrically impressive, as far as something to actually play, it was a huge miss.

I had no idea what to expect, and frankly, knowing I did nothing to help the outcome of the game in any real way, really made the whole experience completely moot. It would’ve been better served to just be a video to watch. There was nothing to be gained by playing. Not even a new outfit, weapon skins, or tool designs.

It was largely a waste of time.

Then the game was down for a day while the new bits and bops were added to the game. It was a cool thing to watch but if you want me to be upset that there’s no chapter-ending event, I’m not.

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