Tired of Battle Royale? Try Fortnite’s Impostors game mode

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Fortnite has more than just its Battle Royale mode, like Impostors.

Are you tired of playing Battle Royale? Sure, it offers a lot of options and variety but sometimes you just want to say “enough!” and move on to something else. Not a lot of games have the ability to be as creative and unique as Fortnite and they’re able to tackle many different genres in just one single release.

You can team up with partners and battle it out in team battles, or gather a few players and repel monsters,  zombies, and the like. You can also play Impostors, the Fortnite answer to Among Us. The game modes are the same, but the gameplay may be slightly different.

The goal is the same, there are hidden adversaries within a group of people and it’s up to you to figure out who is eliminating the crew before it’s too late.

I’ve never played Among Us, but have heard good things. I must say that Impostors is a pretty fun experience. It may be a carbon copy of Among Us, but it’s worth trying out if you’re interested in shaking things up.

Impostors can freshen up your Fortnite experience

The Impostors game mode debuted in 2021, and it features 10 players. Two of them are the ‘imposters’, eliminating the ‘agents’ who are trying to keep the world of Fortnite running.  If you’re an agent, you have to complete tasks to win. That may include putting treasure in the Fortnite treasure chests, cleaning the Battle Bus, delivering food, and a bunch of other stuff.

If you complete all the tasks, you win.

The way the imposters win is by eliminating the group down to an even number. There are only two imposters in the game at a time, so if you end up with two imposters and two agents left, the imposters win. If there’s only one imposter left, you need to eliminate seven of eight players to win.

The real fun in the game is the deception. As an imposter, you can do anything an agent can do, so you can complete tasks that help the agents win, just to throw people off your scent. You can also sabotage the crew as well. In doing so you can eliminate people without being exposed.

That’s where things get really fun. When someone discovers a player who’s been eliminated, you can start accusing one another of who did it. Then there’s a voting process. Everyone guesses at who did it, and then you vote. A majority is needed for the player to be eliminated.

It’s a hoot, and a fun experience for anyone and everyone, even if you’re not bored of the Battle Royale stuff yet.

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