The coffee shop near Camp Cuddle ha fallen into the ground

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A small location near Camp Cuddle has fallen into the ground.

Players have been warned about this very thing happening in the game, locations are being swallowed up by the ground. The first location that I’m aware of is the small, singular restaurant-looking building a little southwest of Camp Cuddle, northwest some of Greasy Grove, and almost due west from

The building had a dining area, a kitchen, and a parking lot but not much else. It looked like a restaurant of sorts but didn’t have any sort of name. It looked like a purple-looking Dennys if that helps. I have not found an official name for it, other than it being a “coffee shop”.

The building fell in around the 24th of February, and it’s expected to just be one of many, with the Imagined Order doing all sorts of drilling, and Earthquakes popping up all over the map.

Titled Towers is expected to be a part of the destruction in Chapter 3

While this coffee shop near Camp Cuddle had signs that it was going to be swallowed, namely the cracks in and around the area, the truth is that Tilted Towers is expected to meet a similar fate. Rumors have persisted that the spiraling landscape was brought back only to be destroyed, mirroring the fate of the town from a few years prior.

That would change the landscape of the area, and take a way a major drop site for players to descend on.

Another location that fans should be worrying about is the Daily Bugle, which was brought in at the start of the chapter with the addition of Spider-Man. The game will likely be moving on from the Spider-Man-themed content sooner rather than later (and that can’t come soon enough, those blasted web-shooters are the worst), and destroying the Daily Bugle with an earthquake just makes sense considering this is Fortnite after all.

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