Is there any reason you should tip the Bus Driver in Fortnite?

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The Bus Driver is a key figure in Fortnite.

Fans of Fortnite should know who the Bus Driver is. He drops off the players on the island for the players to begin their combat fun. Who is the Bus Driver? No one knows, but before you depart, you can thank him for his service.

He’s just a bunch of digital code, however, he’s not a real person. So, if you’re flying to the island, you can thank him but does it do anything? Nope. Once you land, however, you can further heap praise on him. Why?

That’s what we’re here to talk about, and believe me, this is going to disappoint you. So after you thank him, and land, if you find the right NPC, you can actually donate gold bars to him for his work. That’s right, a guy who flies you out to the island so you can be slaughtered wants your gold.

What’s the point of tipping the Bus Driver?

There’s no point in tipping the Bus Driver. If you find the right NPC then you can tip him in different amounts, 500 gold bars, and 4,000 gold bars respectively. What does this do? it doesn’t do much, just gives you a shoutout during the game.

So if that’s all that tipping the bus driver does? Why do it? Well, in the paranoid portion of my brain, the answer has something to do about data farming and cryptocurrency. That’s probably not it though. Just a conspiracy theory.

In the more logical part of my brain, it’s more likely just a gold dump. Players don’t spend gold that often in-game and there’s a hard cap of just 5,000 gold bars. That’s a lot of gold being left around the playing field. As someone who doesn’t use vending machines or the services of NPC’s all that often, this is a problem I’m dealing with.

So donating to the Bus Driver may not be helpful in any way, but there is a way to change that. Make donating gold to the Bus Driver a way to get free V-Bucks. It doesn’t need to be a big one-to-one transfer, but make it so that every 5,000 pieces of gold equates to 500 V-Bucks.

That seems like a solid win/win for everyone. The players can earn V-Bucks to buy outfits and in turn, that keeps players engaged for longer.

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