Where’s the Fortnite Teaser for Chapter 3 Season 2?

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is quickly approaching its end. The landmark Season of the third Chapter brought tons of changes to the game, but will unceremoniously give way to C3S2. What’s going on with the Fortnite Teaser for Chapter 3 Season 2?

Where’s the Fortnite Teaser for Chapter 3 Season 2?

In recent Seasons, we haven’t gotten the crazy teasers Fortnite used to make waves with. C3S1 seems like it won’t have an event either, so everything feels like business as usual. Without cryptic teasers or an ending event, it looks like C3S1 won’t be going out with bang.

Season finales were one of the most exciting things about Fortnite. Getting to see something you’ve played for so long change was something to look forward to, but in recent Seasons that hasn’t been the case.

Even if we go by those Seasons, we won’t expect to see C3S2 teasers until we’re much closer to the launch date. It’ll be pretty close, since the new Season is less than a week away.

Chapter 3’s teasers were all looks back at all of the Seasons of Chapter 2, starting with a look at C2S1 on November 26. Chapter 3 launched on December 5, so we got a week and a half of teasers for it.

Of course, a new Season isn’t as groundbreaking as a whole new Chapter, but it’s somewhat odd that Epic Games has shifted their focus on in-game events so much. The recent FNCS was covered immensely, something that Epic hasn’t paid much attention to in quite some time.

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Information on the new Season’s theme is also unknown. I’d like to see the continuation of the conflict between the IO and The Seven, but at this point I’ve come to expect Epic Games to start new story threads and drop them just as fast.

One tradition that’s been kept is Bargain Bin week, where you’re enticed to spend all your bars before Season’s end.