Fortnite is vaulting various animals to make room for more chickens

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Fortnite is going to the birds.

Fortnite just got done with the Wild Hunt weekly event, which brought back all sorts of incredible bows for fans of Fortnite to play. That arc is done and now the world of Fortnite is bringing in the “Avian Ambus Week”. So how are we following up amazing bows and crazy explosions?

Chickens. Lots and lots of chickens.

Apparently, the people in charge thought the best idea for a follow-up to a great idea is to backload the world of Fortnite with chickens galore. Not only are they using chickens in a surplus, like it was a Mcdonalds’ chicken nuggets processing plant, but they’re getting rid of everything else to do so.

You can use the chickens to complete the new “Avian Ambus Week” quests and will earn additional XP in doing so.

Not only that but apparently the rest of the animals are being vaulted for the week.

"“Not only have they become more common, but they now fight back when attacked. Choosing peace with them instead? Hold one and it’ll peck at nearby opponents! You’ll also notice glowing chickens called Loot Chickens. Like crows (whom the chickens spared), these chickens carry loot!”"

We’re trading out sharks for chickens; seems fair

It should be noted that not all of the animals are being vaulted, but all loot-bearing sharks, wolves, boars, and frogs are. This is being done to help the spawn rate of the chickens and the loot they carry.

there is one good thing for the over-abundance of chickens, it helps hastens finding one if you want to open the vaults. There are vaults across the map that require two people to open. In a game of Battle Royale, you’re most likely not going to get into the vault with another player, but you can if you use a chicken. So the next time you’re near a vault in a Foundation type building, be sure to snag a chicken and open the vault up.

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