Fortnite shouldn’t have gotten rid of the bows and arrows

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Fortnite has removed the bows and arrows from the battle royale mode.

If you were playing Fornite over the last week, you missed out on the most fun one can have with sticks and string, to which I mean the four types of bows use in Fornite’s weekly update. The bows were removed at the start of March, bringing to a close a very fun and delightful time with the weapons.

They offered up a new way to play the Battle Royal mode and allowed for you to control some environmental aspects beyond just using bullets and bombs. One flame arrow could light up a whole house, and then you have your opponent trapped in there waiting for their elimination.

It was quite fun to see. The stink bows were good if they were hiding behind walls, as the gas would waft into their area regardless and the explosion arrows were good if you weren’t confident on your aim but still wanted to deliver maximum damage.

The shockwave bows were ok but were really only used if you were attempting to flee. They registered the same amount of damage if they made contact but if they didn’t, all they would do is fling the opponent a few feet away. They weren’t really useful.

That said they will be missed

Fortnite needs to bring back the bows permanently

Fortnite needs to bring them back. Fornite needs to bring back the bows and arrows and make them part of the game regularly. They’re one of the more interesting facest in the game and their unique components make each bow worth carrying at once. Not everyone likes to go head to head with other players. Some like to lurk and pick people off or lead them into traps.

The bows were much better at pulling off such tactics, as opposed to SMGs and sniper rifles.

Bring back the bows, let us have our fun, dangit.

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