Where to find Level Up Token at Sunburned Shacks: Monarch Quest guide

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Need to head to Sunburned Shacks to complete that Monarch Quest in Fortnite? Here’s everything you need to know.

Where to find Level Up Token at Sunburned Shacks: Monarch Quest guide

Week 2 of the experimental Monarch Quests is here, and you’ll need to find Level Up Tokens again. One of them is hidden at Sunburned Shacks.

The landmark is found on the easternmost side of the island, by the islands near Sanctuary and Mighty Monument. It’s on the middle island all the way at the edge.

The Level Up Token itself is hanging out by some outdoor furniture on the boat dock. The island’s not too big, so you should have no trouble locating the Token.

It’s easiest to either land directly here to grab the Token, or to grab a boat if you find yourself near the tropical biome.

Once you’re done, take care as you return to the Island. To the north is the popular Daily Bugle, and you’ll likely need to pass through Sanctuary as well. This biome has a lot of open areas, making snipers and bows a particular threat.

The Monarch Quests are a new take on the Quest Packs. Before, you’d earn back V-Bucks and some XP for completing Quests. This time, you’ll earn cosmetics each week as you find Level Up Tokens hidden around the island.

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The Level Up Tokens do exactly what they say: they give you a level up. There’s a total of 28 levels to be earned through the four week challenge. Completing each week also unlocks new accessories and styles for the skin.

Unfortunately, the Monarch skin itself isn’t too fancy. It’s a Shadow Style of the default Headhunter with a Golden variant. The accessories are nothing to write home about either, as the glider is a recolor of a previous Battle Pass item.