Chapter 3 FNCS is a broken mess and needs to be reset

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Fortnite’s triumphant return to the eSports scene is anything but. Between log-in issues and scheduling conflicts, Chapter 3’s inaugural FNCS has been fraught with issues.

Chapter 3 FNCS is a broken mess and needs to be reset

Players throw the term “broken” around a lot. A weapon gets a cheeky kill on you? Broken. In that case, you can at least play the game. FNCS is actually broken. The game does not work.

Fortnite is no stranger to glitches, but FNCS has had them in spades and none of the issues have to do with balance.

There are some errors that are absolutely baffling. It’s one thing to have bugs and glitches in the standard lobby, and you could give Epic Games the benefit of the doubt as they pump updates out quickly.

But this is a competitive event. Epic is pushing Chapter 3’s FNCS as Fortnite’s return to the larger eSports scene, complete with proper coverage and a massive marketing campaign.

Players have been getting kicked out due to expired sessions left and right, all the way from fledgling FNCS competitors all the way to the finals where all-stars like Bugha are playing.

According to Bugha, 13 players could not participate in the finals. How can that match be considered even remotely fair?

Session issues aren’t even the whole story. Europe had a matchmaking issue that caused round three to be delayed. The first round of the Asia Qualifier was delayed 30 minutes. You couldn’t even switch teammates between qualifier rounds in Oceania.

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Issues are inevitable, but combined with the session issues they’re just the rotten cherry on this melted sundae.

There’s absolutely no excuse why the game is in such a broken state for a competitive event, and there’s no reason why this tournament should continue in its current state. The competitive integrity of the entire event has been totally obliterated by Epic Game’s negligence.