Ranking all 3 of the Valentine Day-themed outfits in Fortnite

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We’re ranking the Valentine’s Day-themed outfits for 2022.

Fortnite is known for its paid-to-use outfits. It’s how they make their money and keep the game mostly free for everyone else. Sometimes they’re fantastic, other times they’re not. For the 2022 Valentine’s Day theme, Fortnite has released a few outfits for fans to purchase.

There are probably some ones that aren’t listed and others that they’re bringing back but we’re focusing on just these three outfits. Mostly because that’s what we could find on their Twitter page.

So sit back and lock in as we rank the Top 3 outfits from the Valentine’s Day theme update, and let us know if you intend on acquiring any of these outfits.

Ranking the three Valentine Day theme outfits

3. Lovely Outfit

The Lovely Outfit is pretty cute, with pink hair and a nice combat skirt, but the best part of the outfit is the dynamite-ax that she wields. It’s one of the cooler, more unique items I’ve seen in some time and it really does a great job not feeling kitsch like a lot of Valentine’s stuff. That said, it’s the best part about the outfit. Outside of the heart, there’s nothing to make you think “Valentine’s Day”.

2. Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is great save for some minor issues. The card-game idea is overplayed so seeing that type of pattern on all of your equipment isn’t exactly the most exciting idea possible. That said, the skeleton-face queen look is unique and interesting. It’s one of those looks where you get kinda bummed it’s wasted on a video game because it could’ve been one heck of a comic book character.

1. Fallen Love Ranger

This is just perfect. A gargoyle-looking, anti-Cupid. This embraces the idea of the holiday but also makes it unique and original. The purple and grey are a great color choice and the whole vibe just screams “I’m single, deal with it’.

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