Epic Games banned an entire Battle Pass for crashing games and ruining a tournament

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The Agency’s shut down. At least, only temporarily in Competitive playlists due to a glitch. Midas and his much beloved crew from Chapter 2 Season 2 have beens sent back to the Vault for enabling a potentially dangerous glitch that ruined a tournament. How the heck does an entire Battle Pass get banned? Let’s take a closer look at this glitch.

Epic Games banned an entire Battle Pass for crashing games

The glitch happens when one of the Chapter 2 Season 2 skins with a Golden style uses Spider-Man’s Web Shooters. When an affected outfit pulls out the Slingers, they start emanating a massive golden-yellow glow.

Repeatedly pulling out the Slingers overloads hardware, as shown in the below clip of a poor PS4 revving up its fans. Turn the sound on.

Flashing the Web Shooters can cause immense frame drops to below 10 FPS for anyone that has the user in their render range. In some cases, it can even cause outright crashes as hardware begins to thermal throttle under this load spike.

If your hardware is up to the performance attrition you could defeat enemies by attacking their hardware directly, definitely some Metal Gear Solid levels of warfare. I wouldn’t try it, as it’s just not worth the potential damage to your hardware, let alone others’. Spikes like this are bad for electronics.

Unfortunately, this all went down during a Duos Hype and Cash tournament. The affected events have been rescheduled to January 19-20 for both rounds.

There’s a few other skins that also have Golden styles like Agent Peely, who is still playable with the glitch. According to some accounts on Twitter, other reactive skins like Carnage can also be glitched. I don’t expect Agent Peely to be running around for long, though.

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These weird and obscure game-breaking glitches begs the question: what does Epic Games do with the massive amounts of money it makes? Things like this removes confidence in the game, and I think calling it ramshackle programming is too generous.