5 Things you need to know about the Shield Keg

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The Shield Keg is a brand new item in Chapter 3 Season 1, and offers some impressive healing if you have time to bathe. Need to know where to find one? You’ve come to the right place.

Here’s five tips and tricks you need to know about the Shield Keg.

5 Things you need to know about the Shield Keg

1- Sprinkler fun

The Shield Keg functions more like a sprinkler than a keg. It’ll spray a mist that restores  shield to anyone that stands in its one tile range. Of course, this means your enemies will be able to be healed as well.

2- I can get it for you wholesale

You can find Shield Kegs in normal loot spots like Chests and on the ground, but a sure fire way to grab it is by buying it from Lt. John Llama or The Scientist. You can find Lt. John Llama at Llama Homestead, south of Logjam Lumberyard and The Scientist at Sanctuary.

This is also the easiest way to complete the Quest to use a Shield Keg.

3- Sipping

Unlike Slurp that heals you instantly, the Shield Keg restores four points of shield every second. Think of it like a “Shield Campfire”. It’ll be hard to use this in a fight, so save it for when you have a moment to breathe.

4- Off-brand Slurp

Speaking of Slurp, the Shield Keg does exactly what is says on the tin (keg). While similar to the liquid healing properties of Slurp, the Shield Keg does not restore any of your normal “green” health.

5- Party time

The Shield Keg works best in party play, as it can restore the same amount of shields no matter how many are bathing in its spray. It’ll also be pinged for any of your teammates, making it easy to regroup and heal up.

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