Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass Review: Ranking the Skins

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4- Shanta

We don’t get a lot of Hindu inspired characters in media, so I’m extremely happy to see Shanta. She shares the same armor system that the Mandalorian had. Complete her quests to get more pieces of her stunning gold armor.

The Enchanted Lifebloom Glider that’s part of her set may be one of my favorites in the game.

3- Gumbo

The concept of Gumbo is hilarious to me. He’s like a younger version of Benson from Regular Show, that is a person who’s a gum ball machine. He’s got a great, street fashion/graffiti look that’ll be nostalgic for a lot of late 90’s/early 2000’s kids.

There’s a delightfully messed up emote where he dispenses a gum ball from his body and eats it. I love it.

2- The Foundation

It’s strange that in the same game we have literal celebrities as themselves we also have The Rock playing a character in The Foundation. The leader of The Seven has been featured heavily in recent Seasons, and it’s always great to get actual characters as skins.

He has an un-helmeted style sporting the visage of Dwayne Johnson, and I really hope he comes with The People’s Eyebrow as an emote.

He is this Season’s “secret” skin, so you can’t unlock him just yet. If previous secret skins are anything to go by, he’ll come with some specific Quests to unlock all of his cosmetics.

1- Lt. John Llama

There’s something infinitely entertaining about weird characters like Meowscles or Sparklemane, where you put a cute or unusual face on a completely shredded muscleman. Lt. John Llama continues their legacy. He’s actually based on a fan concept by artist pulso.

It’s like Fortnite Crew’s Llambro grew up and joined the Special Forces. With lots of Fortnite charm and hit of 80’s action movie, Lt. John Llama is the highlight of Chapter 3 Season 1’s Battle Pass for me. The Foundation’s pretty close, though.

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