Hasbro’s The Foundation action figure is missing something important

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Hasbro just announced their latest collaboration with Fortnite: a high quality, 6-inch action figure of The Foundation, the breakout hit new member of The Seven who may or may not be played by The Rock.

The Fortnite toys you see in stores are handled by Jazwares, but these higher-end, collector focused figures will be produced by Hasbro.

Previously, Hasbro released a special Fortnite themed version of G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes, based on his appearance in-game and completely kitted out with weapons in the game’s signature aesthetic. The Foundation, on the other hand, only comes with an umbrella?

Fortnite: The Foundation action figure is missing something

As a recovering Transformers collector and avid Magic: the Gathering player, I’m far too familiar with Hasbro’s manufacturing strengths and shortcomings. There’s a few of the latter in this The Foundation figure that has me concerned.

First, he doesn’t have any weapons. We don’t actually see The Foundation wield any weapons in the trailer, he just throws down with Agent Jones using his hands. It just feels weird that a Fortnite character doesn’t have at least a gun, since that’s how most people will experience the character.

Jazwares has a line of 6-inch figures that you could certainly use the weapons from, but the quality and engineering differences between the two manufacturers may make The Foundation look somewhat odd next to them.

Besides the ‘Brella, the figure comes with his cape Back Bling. Most notably, The Foundation figure doesn’t include alternate hand parts. In the promotional renders, The Foundation only has weapon-holding hands with an extended trigger finger and there’s no indication in the product description that he comes with extra hand parts. The choice of tooling for his hands seems awkward given he doesn’t come with a weapon to hold, and no fists to throw.

There’s at least his glider for some high-thrills descending action, or for strolls in the rain. How did Hasbro expect people to pose him?

For a $40 Hasbro Pulse exclusive figure, I expected a bit more. The helmet also feels a little cheap, since it’s a screen in the game. The figure’s helmet looks either painted or tampographed on, and Hasbro has a less than stellar track record for crisp paint apps or centered tampos. Since this is a web exclusive, it’d be hard to make sure your figure has good paint applications.

At the very least, the official figure renders gives us a better look at The Foundation’s design and how cool he is. I just noticed that he has a little fanny pack, just like that picture of The Rock.

The awkward accessory set for this figure makes it feel decidedly less premium than the marketing would imply. I know many people will just keep these in a box, but just as many like to open up their figures and play with them. I’m on the fence about this one, since The Foundation’s design is great but this figure seems lacking.

If you’re interested in this figure, it’s on pre-order at Hasbro Pulse for a limited time. The product listing doesn’t say until when, but the figure itself isn’t scheduled to ship until April.

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