Fortnite Best Friendzy can’t be cheesed in Creative

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Best Friendzy is an event that rewards you for playing together with friends that’s running until the end of the Season on Sept. 12. The rules are simple: play with friends to accrue points for how long you play. Cash in those points for some exclusive loot. The catch? Not much, unless you were planning to use an old exploit in Creative.

Fortnite Best Friendzy can’t be cheesed in Creative

To earn points in Best Friendzy, you must register for the event. From there, you simply have to play with the same friend to earn points. Any game mode works, but this is tracked per-friend. The game will track your progress with multiple friends, but to get all the rewards you must earn 50 points with a single friend.

You earn one point every 10 minutes of playtime. You can earn unlimited points in a game of Battle Royale (more realistically two or three per match), but you can only earn a maximum of six points in Creative mode. Why is that?

In previous Seasons, you could earn almost unlimited XP by joining the Creative Lobby and waiting. It wasn’t fast, and it sure wasn’t fun, but you could passively just wait to gain XP for time spent in Creative. This changed this Season, and it seems that Epic has caught on to the exploit. This Season also marked a change in Team Rumble, making it more difficult or impossible to complete certain Quests.

My take is that players using these other modes for an “unintended” purpose messes with Epic Game’s internal data, which would make it more difficult to analyze certain metrics for the game.

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I don’t have good idea what those metrics could be used for since I don’t work for Epic Games. Given the player outcry against these changes, there must be a good reason to change what we didn’t see as broken.