Fortnite: How to interact with IO Equipment quest guide

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If you’re behind on the Battle Pass in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, you’ll want to know how to quickly complete Quests before the Season ends. One Quest has you interact with IO Equipment. Here’s how to interact with IO equipment as fast as possible.

How to interact with IO Equipment Fortnite

IO Equipment can be found in IO Satellite bases, known as Dishes. There are seven IO landmarks on the map, so you can’t identify them by their name tags. Luckily, you can tell where they are by looking for squares of gray. When you’re jumping out of the Battle Bus, you can look for the big, red beacons shining out of them.

The Equipment you’re looking for are orange screens at the base of the satellites themselves. The dishes emit that red light you see when you approach. You can land right at the satellite structure and interact with the screen to complete the quest. Congratulations! You’re 30,000 XP richer.

You do want to be careful, as these IO bases have a few aggressive IO Guard NPCs roaming about. Keep an eye out for IO Chests that tend to appear near the equipment you’re looking for. IO Chests can contain some sweet loot that’s hard to find elsewhere, like Rail Guns and Plasma Cannons.

IO stations also have Alien Artifacts, so be sure to grab them while you’re here to help unlock all of the Kymera parts.

If you need to make a quick exit, IO bases have a Launch Pad you can use. Look for the blue, glowing pad. You won’t get as much distance as you could with your own Launch Pad, but it sure helps to escape some of the further out bases.

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