Fortnite: Choose your side in High Tech Hijinks – Alien or IO?

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is wrapping up with another round of Wild Weeks. The third week features an all out war between the Imagined Order and Alien invaders. Which side should you choose in High Tech Hijinks?

Fortnite: Choose your side in High Tech Hijinks – Alien or IO?

Wild Week 3, High Tech Hijinks, has Alien and IO weapons appearing more often in regular chests. Abductors will only have Kymera Ray Guns, Grab-itrons, Propifiers and Alien Nanites, while IO Chests will only carry Pulse Rifles, Rail Guns, Plasma Cannons and Inflate-A-Bulls.

At first glance, the Alien’s arsenal seems a little weak, with only the Kymera Ray Gun being a traditional “weapon”. There’s lots of fun to be had with the Grab-itron if you pick up, say, a huge rock to slam into opponents.

The IO’s got more firepower, with some of the Season’s coolest and strongest weapons. For context, only the Pulse Rifle is allowed in competitive play.

Where the Aliens have the advantage is in options. Landing on an Abductor may not give you immediate firepower in the key first circle of looting, but the Alien Nanites you can now easily grab set you up to make whatever you want later on assuming you have the other constituent weapons.

So why really choose? Hop on an Abductor, grab some Nanites and then land to do your normal Loot Rotations. Abductors will occupy and entire POI, so players tend to avoid those locations. If you’re good at the Abductor mini-game, you can also try to score some better loot early on this way as well.

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High Tech Hijinks will be followed by the last Wild Week, the details of which are unknown. What it does tell us is that Chapter 2 Season 7 will end in just a short two weeks. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the Invasion is over, as a third and final POI will be abducted soon.