What are alien weapons in Fortnite?

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One Epic Quest for Week 12 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 has you deal damage to opponents with alien weapons. With all sorts of weird and crazy tech that was introduced for the war between the Aliens and IO, it can be tough to figure out which weapons count as alien weapons for the quest. Exactly what are alien weapons in Fortnite?

What are alien weapons in Fortnite?

After dealing damage to enemies in Saucers and delivering one to Rick Sanchez, you’ll need to deal some damage with alien weapons.

If you look at all of the craftable weapons that use Alien Nanites, you’ll be surprised to find that only none of them counts for the quest. Out of the Kymera Ray Gun, Rail Gun, Plasma Cannon and Pulse Rifle, only the Ray Gun is a proper alien weapon.

There’s a few ways to get your hands on a Kymera Ray Gun. The first is to craft an Alien Nanite with an SMG. You can also loot these off of Trespassers, which you can find in Holly Hatchery or in Saucers.

The most difficult way to get a Ray Gun is to score it off Zyg and Choppy, but you’ll be in for quite a fight. Their Mythic Ray Gun does a lot of damage, making the reward potentially worth the effort.

To complete the Quest, you just need to deal 150 damage. The easiest and fastest way to complete this Quest is to land at Holy Hatchery and get a Ray Gun off a patrolling Trespasser. Simply use it on another Trespasser to complete. Congratulations! You’re now 30,00 XP richer.

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If you can grab a weapon quickly when you land at Holly Hatchery, you may be able to get some progress towards the Legendary Quest where you must deal damage shortly after you land.