How to mark an Alien Parasite in Fortnite

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Alien Parasites are one of the most interesting mechanics this season. When approached, they latch onto you and take a chunk of your health in exchange for mobility. This week’s Quests have you not use an Alien Parasite, but mark one. It’s actually easier said than done, so how do you mark an Alien Parasite in Fortnite?

How to mark an Alien Parasite in Fortnite

You may remember that you had to mark an Alien Egg for a previous Quest. Marking an Alien Parasite is similar, except you have to catch the Parasite after it hatches but before it makes your face its new home.

When you find an Egg, approach it slowly. If there are multiple, you’ll have better luck marking them if they all hatch. When the little face hugger bursts out, start stepping back and tap the mark button. On controller, the default mapping is left on the D-Pad. If you’re using a mouse, it’s middle click (scroll wheel).

Aim your crosshairs over the Parasite, and mark. They move a little erratically, so you’ll want be careful. Pause between presses, as a double tap makes you ping instead of mark.

If you get hugged, there’s still a few things you can do. If you unleashed multiple Parasites, the second one won’t chase you down. It should float about harmlessly and you can mark it with ease.

When the only Parasite has taken you as a host, you can swim through water to get it off you. You’ll need to dive down to shake it off, and then you can just turn back and mark the Parasite as it searches for you again.

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There’s one more way to mark a Parasite. If you find parasitize wildlife, you can mark the Parasite while it’s on a creature. This could be easier, since their movements are more predictable. This also works when enemy players have Parasites on them, if you have the time to mark and not shoot.