Fortnite Impostors Review: Not the Among Us Crossover we wanted

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Fortnite Impostors is not an Among Us crossover. It’s also not much more than a clone of Among Us, down to terminology and mechanics. There have been tons of Creative modes replicating Among Us, but Impostors is a full blown official playlist. This comes with all of the polish and pizazz you expect a major studio. Does this Fortnite version have anything new to offer?

Fortnite Impostors Review

Gameplay basics

In case you haven’t actually played Among Us, let’s take a brief look at that game as I’ll be comparing Impostors to it as a baseline. Among Us is basically a video game version of the popular classroom/party game Mafia, or perhaps also known as Werewolf.

Players play as crewmembers on a space facility. Some maps are a ship, others are rigs and installations. A few players are chosen at the beginning of each round as Impostors.

Crewmembers go about the map doing tasks like repairing equipment in the form of mini-games. The Impostors can sabotage equipment, fast travel through the map through the air vents and eliminate crewmembers.

Players can call an emergency meeting whenever they choose, but also when they spot a body.

This is key mechanic of the game. Political play is extremely important when meeting are called, as players now have to defend themselves and accuse others. The crewmember’s goal is to vote off the Impostor, and the Impostor’s goal is to evade detection long enough to kill off the crew.

Players can communicate with a chat feature, but the game is best played with friends over voice chat as that introduces a new dimension of play.

Fortnite’s Impostor mode is almost an exactly clone of this. Everything I just said is the same in Impostors, but there’s a few key differences between Impostors and Among Us.