Fortnite: Bloodsport Weapon Wrap is unnecessarily cool

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There are some crossovers that make more sense than others in Fortnite. The Xenomorph from Alien shooting a gun at Ryu from Street Fighter driving a Ferrari sounds absurd on paper, but that’s what gives Fortnite its undeniable charm. Other skins can really take advantage of the game and immerse you. Bloodsport is one such skin, but the most best part about him is his Weapon Wrap.

Fortnite: Bloodsport Weapon Wrap is unnecessarily cool

Weapon Wraps aren’t usually that exciting. To me, they’re like the rhythm section in a music: unnoticed when it’s good but glaring when it’s bad. At the very least you pick the weapon wrap that looks the best for the skin you’re using it on, usually the one that’s included in the set.

Your favorite skins should make you feel cool. It’s hard not to feel like you’re playing a John Wick game when you’re blasting enemies at close range with a Pistol as him, picking off players with a Sniper Rifle as the Mandalorian or when you’re slinging a Revolver as Mancake. Bloodsport takes this to the next level with his Wrap.

So what makes Bloodsport’s Weapon Wrap so important then? It’s all about that immersion. Bloodsport isn’t known for specializing in one particular kind of gun. After all, anything in his hand is legally considered a deadly weapon. Fortnite’s a video game that forsakes the laws physics for gameplay, notably in that you can carry an arsenal of weapons in your pocket.

In some of the comics, Bloodsport teleports weapons into his hands instantaneously, which is admittedly kind of goofy sci-fi technobabble. In the film The Suicide Squad, in which the incarnation of Bloodsport the skin is based on appears, he has modular weapons that is holstered on his armor.

With the Weapon Wrap on all of your weapons, it unifies anything you pick up as if Bloodsport crafted the weapon from his modular system. It provides an unnecessary explanation for a question no one asked, but the solution feels darn cool.

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If you haven’t grabbed the Wrap to go with Bloodsport, I highly recommend it.