Fortnite: Henchmen from C2S2 finally get a skin

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 holds a special place in hearts of many players, including yours truly. There was a lot to love about the spy vs. spy theme: memorable characters, interesting locations and a great weapon pool. It also started several things that have become staples of Fortnite: NPCs like the Henchmen, Bosses toting powerful loot and Mythic Weapons.

However, there was one aspect of this season that has been conspicuously absent up until now. Where did the Henchmen go? After all this time, Henchmen skins will finally be available to own soon.

Fortnite: Henchmen from C2S2 finally get a skin

According to dataminer FireMonkey, Item Shop information for GHOST and SHADOW Henchmen was discovered in the game’s code. If they’re not in the shop yet, they’ll be there soon.

We didn’t get any of the Henchmen skins during C2S2 proper for game balance reasons. As you could disguise yourself, it wouldn’t make much sense for the same outfit to have to be disguised. Despite this, Henchmen skins seem to be overdue.

C2S2 had a theme of choosing one of two factions: GHOST or SHADOW. When you found iconic characters like Midas and Meowscles on the island, they would be guarded by an entourage of Henchmen. To slip around these NPC enemies, you could enter a phone booth to put on their outfits as a disguise.

Players spent a ton of time in disguise as one of the two Henchmen, partially because landing at a phone booth was a great strategy and partially because C2S2 was extended longer than the average season. We saw these Henchmen again in C2S3, which followed the story of The Device.

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Henchmen would go on to become easter egg NPCs in various locations. The dueling factions seemed to have reconciled, as you can still find a GHOST and SHADOW Henchmen enjoying each other’s company around the island.