Where is Ruckus in Fortnite? How to Find and Defeat Ruckus

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You’ll want to know where is Ruckus in Fortnite if you want to complete the Mandalorian’s Beskar challenge. Here’s where to find Ruckus and how to take him down.

Where is Ruckus in Fortnite?

Ruckus can be found inside Hydro 16, the large industrial building by the dam in-between Slurpy Swamp and Misty Meadows. Unlike some of the other NPCs around the map, Ruckus isn’t so friendly.

He’s downright hostile actually, and will duel you on sight like the the Boss enemies of seasons past. He’s armed with a Legendary Heavy Assault Rifle and an Epic Rocket Launcher, so you’ll need to make sure he doesn’t catch you in a bad position.

How to Find and Defeat Ruckus

Inside the building, take advantage of the stairs to position yourself over Ruckus. Wait until he has to reload, and get some shots off on him. If you’re too far away, he’ll shoot his rocket launcher at you. Keep about medium-range from Ruckus and take safe shots when you can.

Based on how the quest is worded, it seems like you’ll need to get the elimination on Ruckus for it to count towards the Quest. I haven’t verified if you can do this in a party, but the quest doesn’t have the marker for party progression.

If you manage to beat him, he’ll drop the Legendary Heavy Assault Rifle and his Epic Rocket Launcher. This is one of the only ways to get the Rocket Launcher this season, so you may run into other players trying to complete the Beskar quest or looking to score some loot.

Of course, you’ll also get the next piece of Beskar for your Mandalorion outfit style.

After being defeated, Ruckus will respawn and offer you the normal NPC options like selling weapons or providing bounties. You can also just talk to him. Everyone’s asking where is Ruckus, never how is Ruckus.