Free Fortnite Skin: How to get Ruby Shadows on any platform

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Fortnite skins are hard to get if you don’t have V-Bucks. If you’re one of the many players who don’t (or can’t) spend money to buy outfits, you’re in luck: Ruby Shadows is a great free Fortnite skin available until June 17. If you don’t mind going through some hoops, you can get this skin on any platform.

V-Bucks are difficult to get playing for free, but are easy once you’ve bought some to put into the Battle Pass. Because of this, V-Buck scams targeting children without disposable income are unfortunately common. Epic Games have finally thrown players a bone with a free outfit in Ruby Shadows if you’re tired of playing as a default skin. There’s a catch: you have to redeem the Street Shadows Challenge Pack bundle on PC first.

Free Fortnite Skin: How to get Ruby Shadows on any platform

To redeem the challenge pack, simply log into Fortnite on PC via the Epic Games launcher and head to the item shop. Scroll down to the limited time offers, and you’ll find the Street Shadows Challenge pack for $0.00.

Once the pack has been redeemed, you’ll unlock a set of four (really three) challenges to unlock free cosmetics. You simply have to outlast 500 opponents, play with friends five times and deal 1,000 damage to opponents to unlock Ruby Shadows’s glider, backbling and pickaxe respectively. Complete all three of them to finish the fourth quest, unlocking the Ruby Shadows outfit.

The cosmetics are pretty slick, and would go well with a lot of outfits if you’ve already got a few in your locker. It’s worthwhile for everyone to get, and there’s no excuse not to since it’s totally free.

Even if your PC can’t handle Fortnite, you don’t need to actually play out your games for the quests on PC. In light of recent revelations from the Epic Games v. Apple lawsuit proceedings, we know that most Fortnite players are on console, PS4 specifically. You need only to redeem the pack on PC, and you can go about playing on whatever your preferred platform is. There’s no expiration date for the challenge; just grab it and complete at your own pace.

Your PC’s specs don’t need to be great to launch the game, but you’ll at least need enough storage and meet the minimum system requirements. In the official FAQ for the challenge, Epic Games acknowledges that you don’t even need minimum requirements.

According to the FAQ, “you must be able to launch Fortnite, navigate to the Item Shop tab, and collect the Challenge Pack. You do not need to be able to launch onto the Island. As a result,you[sic] may still be able to redeem this offer”. You may still be out of luck if your PC is particularly ancient.

If you’re tired of being called a default skin, Ruby Shadows has your back.

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