Flare Gun Fortnite: 6 Tips and Tricks for Chapter 2 Season 6

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The Flare Gun was in the loot pool for just one season back in Chapter 2 Season 3. It fit perfectly with the castaway Waterworld-inspired theme, and was one of my favorite weapons to use. Now, it’s been unvaulted for just one week during Wild Week: Fighting Fire with Fire. Here are six of the hottest Flare Gun Fortnite tips and tricks for Chapter 2 Season 6.

Flare Gun Fortnite: 6 Tips and Tricks for Chapter 2 Season 6

1- Light the way

The Flare Gun has a unique effect to mark enemies. When fired, the flare has significant drop before releasing a pulse. This causes every enemy in a 50 meter radius to become marked, as if you shook them down. After the marking pulse is released, the flare will keep traveling.

2- Radial Reach

To maximize the Flare Gun’s effectiveness, you can aim it higher so the flare explodes above a POI or enemy structure to see where anyone is. This is great to lead a fight with, since you’ll know exactly where you enemies are coming from. The flare has to go off in the air for the marking effect to happen. Aim at about 45 degrees higher than you normally would to get the maximum range.

3- Burn it down

Of course, the Flare Gun fires flares that burn wooden structures down. When the flare lands on the ground, it’ll set structures on fire. Time it so you get your marks will still burning down the structures you want gone.

4- Thor

The Flare Gun can also be shot at an enemy to deal direct damage in a pinch. It only deals 60 damage, has a low fire rate and has no headshot multiplier. Don’t waste your time going for the head.

5- Find the wild

The Flare Gun not only marks enemy players, but also hostile wildlife. Use this to grab some Bones or Meat in a pinch, or mark along the water to find Frogs and their coveted Stink Sacs.

6- From the source

You can find Flare Guns in Chests, but you can also buy them from Blaze for 245 bars. She tends to hang around Timber Tent, a small landmark south of Sweaty Sands. Appropriately enough, Blaze was first introduced in Chapter 2 Season 3, just like the Flare Gun. Don’t miss the chest under the eponymous tent while you’re there.

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